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The integrated μCRM in the operator application enables easy access to data that needs a call center agent to handle the call. Basic structure:

  • Person
    • Contacts (phone number, email, address, etc.)
    • Interaction (communication with the client through various channels)
      • Phone call
      • SMS
      • Email
    • Tasks (tasks that cannot be processed immediately, e.g. during a call)


It is possible to create between individual objects (persons, e-mails, bags, calls). links using special links. The link format consists of the object type, character grid # and object ID. The following links are supported:

  • C#1234 - reference to client ID 1234
  • E#482 - link to email ID 482
  • T#13579 - link to the ID 13579 stamp
  • P#1652903576.1000 - link to call ID 1652903576.1000

Example of a link to email ID 482 in tabs:

tab reference email


When you click with the left mouse button on the link in the tab, it is copied to the E#482 box and subsequently it can be pasted in another place and thus create a link to this e-mail.

Example of inserting links into a bag:

editing references in the task

Subsequent display of the bag:

view references in task


When you click the left mouse button on a link in a task or e-mail, the object to which the link points (e-mail, task or client) opens.